What is RB Connect Mobile?

As its name implies, RB Connect Mobile gives your clients and reporters access to your RB Connect on their smart phones and other mobile devices. You clients can do everything they do online but in an environment designed for the much smaller screens of mobile devices.

Why should I add RB Connect Mobile to my RB9 system?

Meet your clients where they spend most of their time — on their phones. While they can access RB Connect on their phones, it’s not ideal: They have to pinch and zoom the screen on their iPhone to see information or interact with your RB Connect.

Give them RB Connect Mobile, so they can easily look up information, download files, use Transcript Packages, and send requests in a mobile-optimized version of your RB Connect. All contact side RB Connect functions are in RB Connect Mobile. On the resource side, your reporters can do all of the activities that they do online, except turn in jobs or create master word lists.

Quick & easy

If you already have RB Connect, you can offer RB Connect Mobile tomorrow. There is nothing for you to set up.

You also don’t have to jump through hoops to meet app store requirements or pay them any fees. That is because RB Connect Mobile is not an app; users access it through a browser like your RB Connect, but they are automatically directed to the mobile version. And because RB Connect Mobile is browser based, not app based, you only need one subscription to cover all mobile device operating systems.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in adding RB Connect Mobile or just finding out more, visit our website or contact RB Sales.

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