Top 10 reasons to upgrade to RB9 today

With RB8’s retirement Dec. 1, 2020, we want to remind you of some of the reasons you should upgrade to RB9 and why you should do it now instead of later.

Reason #1: RB8 is going away this year

Of course the biggest reason to upgrade is that RB8/RB8 Cloud/RB Web 8 subscriptions, RB8 support, and the RB-PDF Transcript digital signature feature in RB8 will end Dec. 1, 2020. Make the transition now and eliminate that deadline hanging over your head.

Reason #2: RB9 is current; RB8 is obsolete

RB9 has new features and efficiencies you can’t take advantage of if you are stuck using RB8. RB8 is obsolete and not being updated anymore. RB9 was designed from the ground up to incorporate new technology, the latest best business practices, and new concepts like multiple task assignments for each job, so you don’t have to manage linked jobs if you don’t want to.

Reason #3: RB9 is maintenance free.

Because RB9 resides in the cloud, you are no longer responsible for your own servers, file storage, or backup system. It’s all included. Eliminating all of that hardware and software means less hassles for you and will save you money over the long term in capital outlays plus reduced overhead (IT, electricity, and rental space for these systems).

Reason #4: RB9 costs the same as RB8 Cloud

RB9 costs the same as RB8 Cloud; and RB9 installation and data conversion are free for existing RB8 subscribers and legacy clients with active support contracts. RB9 and RB Connect (the new RB Web) include some RB8 plug-ins for free. And as with all RB subscriptions, you can add or subtract user licenses and plug-ins like RB Connect as needed, and cancel anytime without further obligation.

Reason #5: RB9 is browser based

RB8 is Windows only; RB9 is browser based, so you can use RB9 on Windows, and also Macs and even mobile devices like tablets.

Reason #6: Upgrading is easy

Upgrading to RB9 is easier than you may think. If you missed the February email, this article details the 4-step process involved.

Reason #7: RB9 is easy to learn & use

RB9 has been redesigned from the ground up to be a more logical, convenient process, so getting new staff trained and up to speed takes less time. Plus there is a robust training sectionon our website with tutorials, training videos, cheat sheets, and complete user guide to help users get the most out of RB9.

Reason #8: RB9 eliminates downtime

RB9 resides in the cloud on Microsoft’s Azure platform with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. So you won’t lose money on downtime caused by server crashes or restoring information from backups.

Reason #9: RB9 is frequently updated with user-suggested improvements

RB9 includes all the functions that are in RB8. It is also updated frequently, and most of the changes have been to incorporate user requests in the Idea Collaborator. Check the RB9 Updates page of our website to see the latest additions to RB9.

Reason #10: Timing is everything

While other agencies have already made the switch, there are still a lot of you who haven’t. Don’t wait until the squeeze is on and we might not be able to accommodate your conversion in time. We require upgrading at least one month prior to Dec. 1, 2020, to complete the process in time and avoid the risk of loss of data or service. We do not guarantee that everyone can upgrade at the last minute because there are a limited number of conversions we can do in a day, and it is on a first come, first served basis. So schedule your upgrade now and avoid that stress.

With all of these reasons to upgrade to RB9, plus reasons not to wait until the last minute, why not contact us today to begin the process? We can answer all of your questions and start the ball rolling right away.

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