Closets are for coats, not servers, according to MR8 Cloud

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Technology has taken over our lives. A quick survey of how many of your friends have smartphones will prove that. Or look around your office: There’s technology everywhere. But does it have to be such a space hog?

At OMTI, we know you need technology to run your records retrieval or process serving business and provide services to your clients: We have been providing this technology to your industry for over 30 years. But that used to require expensive, bulky equipment that you no longer need thanks to our latest product, MR8 Cloud.

MR8 Cloud eliminates the need for:

  • Server hardware and software
  • Climate-controlled environment, such as a server closet
  • IT staff or consultants to take care of your server

… because it moves your business management system to Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Services, the platform favored by over 66% of Fortune 500 companies with a guaranteed uptime of 99.95%.

All you need to run your business on MR8 Cloud is your desktop computer or laptop.

MR8 Cloud also eliminates the need for:

  • Paper copies and file cabinets
  • Hard drive storage for files or an expensive third-party secure site to host your files
  • Back-up system

..because MR8 Cloud includes a repository and better-than-backup security. Azure’s Geo-Redundant Storage stores multiple copies of medical records and other repository files in multiple locations. And Azure’s AlwaysOn Availability Groups keep duplicates of your client, order and locations data in real time: If a server goes down, another one takes over with no loss of data — and no downtime restoring data from your last backup.

With MR8 Cloud, your office closet can store coats, not hardware. Read the details in the MR8 Cloud white paper.

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