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Like life in medieval times…

There are constant threats to safety & security in today’s world. Back then, people relied on thick fortress walls to protect their valuables and themselves. In our virtual lives now, we rely on encryption and firewalls to keep valuable data safe.

Bad players are always looking for a way to breach your defenses, steal information & harm your business:

  • Do you think your present security system is sufficient?
  • Do you find yourself constantly upgrading hardware and patching software as you play catch up with hackers trying to break into your system?
  • Or maybe it’s too much to deal with, so you don’t do anything and hope for the best?

There is a better way. Move your business to MR8 Cloud office management system. In addition to getting an easy, low-cost way to run your records retrieval or process serving business, you will get better data protection than you can manage in-house.

That’s because MR8 Cloud is on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, which has Microsoft’s resources, processes and commitment to guarantee the security and privacy of data.

Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Services:

  • HIPAA certified
  • Follow ISO/IEC 27018, the only international set of privacy controls in the cloud
  • More certifications than any other cloud provider
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.95%. 

Just like the walls of a castle cannot stop every physical attack, your in-house firewalls are not enough fortification to protect your business from cyber attacks. For that and more, you need MR8 Cloud. Read the details in the MR8 Cloud white paper.

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Part of a series informing records retrieval firms, process servers & other litigation support businesses about MetaRecords business management software & services.

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