RB9 is coming in Summer 2018

It has been in the works for a while, but we can finally announce that the next generation of ReporterBase business management software will be available summer 2018.

RB9 will be a major upgrade from RB8, which we will no longer be updating. RB8 is 10 years old (which is ancient in software terms)  and unable to take advantage of newer technologies that we think will better serve you going forward.

In this and future newsletters, we will be highlighting some of the new features and advantages of RB9.

RB9 is web-based

You log into RB9 through a browser. This means:

Reporter Base 9

  • No installation process
  • No in-house server to buy or maintain
  • No need for IT
  • No updates to install
  • No backup process
  • Access through any major browser
  • Use on a Mac
  • Use on a tablet
  • Work anywhere, including borrowing someone else’s computer (nothing to install!)

RB9 includes your Idea Collaborator requests

You might think that because we did not incorporate a good suggestion into RB8 that we were not listening. Instead, we have been taking the most popular and best ideas from the Idea Collaborator and using them to design RB9.

Keep submitting your ideas and voting on ones you like. We are paying attention. And in the coming months, see which ideas are coming to life as actual features in RB9.

RB9 will be subscription only

To develop and maintain RB9, we rely on our clients’ input — both in ideas and financially. We have found monthly subscriptions to be the best way to keep OMTI financially stable, which is important in ensuring that we will be around providing software and support to our clients for years to come.

We also believe it is a good deal for our clients: Instead of a large lump sum upfront for software and user licenses, our clients can manage their software expense as part of their regular overhead, adding and subtracting user licenses as needed, even canceling the entire program if needed without further financial obligation.

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