Reduce overhead with an RB system

An RB system can help your business be more efficient and save money in many ways. A few big improvements over traditional work methods include:

  • Use RB8’s Central Repository to reduce the amount of paper your office has to handle and track.
  • RB-PDF transcripts reduce or eliminate the need for e-Transcript subscriptions.
  • RB’s Central Repository and PDF Transcript Creator are included in RB8 for no extra cost.
  • RB’s many automated systems makes it possible for your office to be more productive with less staff.
  • Companies with multiple locations can consolidate all of their information onto one RB8 Server with one database, eliminating unnecessary travel and errors resulting from multiple entries in multiple databases.
  • RB8 and RB Web subscriptions allow you to add and subtract user licenses and services as needed, so you can grow your capacity to accommodate a big contract, then reduce your capacity (and over head expenses) when the contract ends.

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