Saving reporters money

Help your reporters keep more of their money in their pockets without costing your business extra with these RB and RB Web features:

  • Offer direct deposit so reporters do not have to wait for their pay or travel to the bank to deposit their checks.
  • Give reporters access to their schedule and pay statements online with RB Web and on their smartphones with RB Web Mobile Apps.
  • Send reporters automatic email job notifications with attachments.
  • Online information and automatic notifications eliminate the need for reporters to maintain fax lines, saving them $$$ per month.
  • Send job notification via automatic text messaging.
  • Reduce reporter travel time to jobs if your agency covers a large geographical area: Track job locations in RB8 and schedule reporters for jobs close to where they live, so they don’t have to drive a lot.
  • Provide online turn-in so reporters can turn in jobs at their convenience with zero travel time.
  • Use RB-PDF transcripts instead of E-Transcripts to save reporters $$$ per month on subscription fees.
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