Client benefits of RB Web

With RB Web, clients can:

  • Access their job calendar online, including all details of each scheduled job, such as assigned resources (reporter, videographer, conference room, etc.), location (including maps & directions), witness and case name.
  • Access transcripts and other case files any time, anywhere they have Internet access. Clients no longer have to wait to receive copies of transcripts.
  • Purchase transcripts online, so even COD clients can access transcripts quickly.
  • Make job requests online. For a recurring job, they can copy an existing job and update only the info that changes to quickly make a new request.
  • Change or cancel job requests online.
  • Access invoices and outstanding balances on jobs/cases. Pay invoices and statements online.
  • If you also offer RB Web Mobile Apps, they can access RB Web on a smart phone.

In addition to specific client-focused features, RB Web enables reporters and in-house staff to work more efficiently so clients benefit.

  • Reporters turn in worksheet, exhibits and transcripts faster, so in-house staff can produce finished transcripts faster.

Because information in your RB8 database automatically appears in RB Web, you can offer these benefits to your clients at little or no cost above the monthly subscription price for RB Web.

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