In-house benefits of RB Web

RB Web saves your in-house staff time, saving your business $$$ and giving clients better service:

  • Reporters turn in worksheets and transcripts faster with online turn-in.
  • Reporters turn in paper exhibits faster because they know they will have access to them in the online case repository. This eliminates delay in scanning and attaching exhibits to transcripts.
  • Store important information, such as word lists, at the case level and it’s accessible to all reporters working on a case. Reporters can add words to their dictionary before a job, so their transcript is cleaner, which requires less time for final transcript production.
  • Online turn-in and repositories help production manage time better and reduces the use of paper and other resources.
  • Give reporters permission to access the firm database to enter new firms themselves. Have in-house staff produce new contact reports daily to keep your data clean.
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