Reporter benefits of RB Web

RB Web gives your reporters and other resources many time- and money-saving conveniences, such as:

  • With online turn-in, the written worksheet is eliminated.
  • Reporters can acknowledge jobs through RB Web.
  • Reporters can access their RB Web using smart phones if you offer RB Web Mobile Apps.

Benefits reporters appreciate about RB Web:

  • If you assign reporters on jobs in the future, they see their upcoming jobs on their calendar.
  • Their payroll information, both past and future, is always accessible. They know what their payroll will be and how much they made in previous months.
  • Store important information, such as word lists, at the case level and it’s accessible to all reporters working on a case. Reporters can add words to their dictionary before a job, so their transcript is cleaner, which requires less time for final transcript production.
  • Store Title and Appearance pages at the case level so that additional reporters on on-going cases don’t reinvent. They know who will be in the room, saving them time with their T&A and preventing client annoyance.
  • Reporters know that they are gaining access directly into your internal system — they have the peace of mind of knowing that your firm is an open book to them.
  • Reporters can do their whole production at home without incurring the costs of traveling to your office or incurring shipping costs.

Stored in repository at case level for reporters to access:

  • Word lists
  • Title & Appearance pages
  • Exhibits
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