Getting reporters to embrace RB Web

RB Web can be an important part of your services. Not only for the obvious benefits of online case repositories and calendars, but also how the whole system — including the resource side — helps you be more responsive by easing communications, reducing expenses and speeding up transcript turn-around. So how do you get reporters to use RB Web for online turn-in?

The strategy

You will probably encounter resistance at first, but a clear plan and a staggered roll-out should help reduce obstacles.

Provide reporters with a firm, clear directive, combined with a lot of practical support: Give all reporters detailed instructions with pictures [see the Reporter Turn-in sample document], and make appointments for one-on-one training.

You can also explain to them the benefits they will experience using RB Web.

Schedule into your calendar about one month to get everyone into the office and trained. Expect it to take a few more months to get them using it without flaw.

If you have a lot of reporters, make the transition in stages, starting with the most tech-savvy reporters, who you know would be glad to dispense with written worksheets. Then go down through other groups of reporters, ending with the legacy reporters who wish they were still writing to paper.

RB Web roll-out checklist:
  • Total commitment from company leadership
  • Detailed written instructions (manual) for reporters
  • One-on-one training
  • Realistic schedule
  • Staggered roll-out
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