Provide online case repositories to increase business

Increase your business and client loyalty with online case repositories to handle complex litigation cases involving multiple parties and lots of documents.

Most online case repositories are cost prohibitive and too complex for a small agency. But with RB8 and RB Web, you have built-in case repositories. Clients can download files instantly and print them themselves.

With no new software to buy and no monthly end-user licensing fees for your clients, you can offer this service at a significant cost-savings to your clients over existing solutions. Charge your clients fees for set-up and scanning, and they still come out ahead.

The repository gives you high-level introductions to new litigation clients.

Use that “in” to promote your RB Web’s online case calendar to all parties, with the idea that on a complex litigation case, it makes it easier for everyone to manage their schedules if they are all in one place. If they all use your company for this case, everyone can track not only their own depos, but all of the case depos easily. Plus, they will then have online access to RB-PDF transcripts of all the depos in the case.


Planning to offer parties access to the case calendar and try to win their depos on the case?

In the New Party window (step 5 of “Set up a case repository”), check that When jobs are created, automatically add to the job parties and Allow calendar access in RBWeb are both turned on. This way, you won’t overlook anybody when setting a job, and they will be able to view the case calendar in RB Web.

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