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Information about ReporterBase & MetaRecords, business management software for legal support businesses

Outsource to improve profitability

Outsourcing can be a good way to increase your business’s profitability when you hand off discrete business processes to specialists in those processes. It frees you and your staff to concentrate on the profit centers in your business — the … Continue reading

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In-house benefits of RB Web

RB Web saves your in-house staff time, saving your business $$$ and giving clients better service: Reporters turn in worksheets and transcripts faster with online turn-in. Reporters turn in paper exhibits faster because they know they will have access to … Continue reading

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Marketing with RB Web

RB Web is a round-the-clock marketing tool for your business. Some ways to win new clients and cross-sell services to existing clients: Give copy order clients access to their transcripts online. Offer online case repositories. Offer a combined calendar to … Continue reading

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Marketing tips

RB tools and strategies from fellow users to help you promote your firm. Find further details and instructions under See Also below. Free marketing materials As an RB users, you are a member of Team RB. Sign into the member … Continue reading

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Dealing with legal issues

Give opposing counsel access to case files RB’s central repository can help your clients beyond preparing for a trial. If a client needs to give opposing counsel quick access to case files, be ready with everything already uploaded into the … Continue reading

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Who’s afraid of lawyers?

Become their partner in cost containment & technology solutions. Before you get that dreaded “We’re switching to someone cheaper” call, make your firm the most cost-effective, attractive solution to your clients’ problems — and tell them about it. You can … Continue reading

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2010: 3rd/4th quarter update

Online services for clients & resources, customizable Online Order Form, easier Turn-in, new fields in Resource Worksheets, attach more than Notices to Worksheet emails, Billing Address added, new production efficiencies, Forms Manager additions, Turn-Around Analysis report, and more Continue reading

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Do more/earn more with RB8

To help you get the most out of your tools, we’ve asked some of your fellow RB users about how they use RB to attract clients, increase efficiency and be more profitable. In this article, we compiled some of their tips for using online case repositories, RB-PDF transcripts, and paperless archives. Continue reading

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