Marketing with RB Web

RB Web is a round-the-clock marketing tool for your business. Some ways to win new clients and cross-sell services to existing clients:

  • Give copy order clients access to their transcripts online.
  • Offer online case repositories.
  • Offer a combined calendar to all parties for the case.

Use the transcript repository in RB Web. Send copy clients email notices that their files are available on RB Web. With RB Web’s e-commerce, they can pay and download transcripts at the same time.

Once you have parties to the case using the online repository, offer them a case calendar. Download the generic case calendar letter from our website to get you started.

Other ways you can market with RB8 and RB Web:

Holiday gift lists:

The best way to come up with a meaningful holiday gift list is to run the Calendar Analysis report sorted by the number of net jobs. Then you will know which clients are generating the most business for your firm and to whom you want to send gifts of appreciation.

Points plug-in:

Calendar Analysis reports list firms and their attorneys. For a more complete tracking of who is calling in job requests and whom you would like to reward, you need the RB8 merit points plug-in. The points plug-in tracks not only attorneys, but also secretaries and paralegals. Visit our website for details.

Free marketing materials:

Check our website for free marketing materials to help you promote your business.

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