Locate notes in RB8

RB8 has a notes log in every case, job, firm, resource, contact and location. You can enter notes manually. For example in the collections call log, you can note what the client said and when they promised payment. And RB8 also makes automatic entries too – for example, when a new job is created. All entries are tamper-proof, so you maintain a complete audit trail.

But with so many entries throughout the system, how can you find all the notes – and only those notes – that are relevant to a particular need, such as when you want to file a matter in small claims court. How can you find the relevant notes to the case?

RB8 offers 2 ways to find notes:

  1. Notes Finder tool – to search across all types of notes in your RB8 database – job, case, contact, firm, location, resource, and collections.
  2. Notes Log filter – to search for notes within a particular job, case, firm, contact, resource, location or collections action.
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