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RB tools and strategies from fellow users to help you promote your firm. Find further details and instructions under See Also below.

Free marketing materials

As an RB users, you are a member of Team RB. Sign into the member section of and find the free marketing materials in the Downloads section. We offer various materials to help in your marketing, such as client guides, press releases, letters and presentations. You can edit the materials as you like to fit your needs.

RB Web

Give attorneys, paralegals and secretaries free access to their own online calendars, financial info and files. Change for COD/first-download transcripts (built-in e-commerce makes this easy), scanning and uploading case files, but provide access to their online offices for free.

Attorneys of record

Have reporters compile a record of all the attorneys who appear on a case. Then when a transcript is ready, use RB8’s automatic notification to email all of the attorneys — even those who haven’t ordered. Your email makes it easy for them to change their minds and order a transcript. And with RB Web’s e-commerce, they can purchase a copy online as soon as you notify them it is available.

RB-PDF transcripts

  • Promote your company’s PDF transcript service with the RB-PDF transcript flyer available on our website. It includes a list of benefits, explains RB-PDF transcripts to your clients, and provides instructions for using them.
  • To increase acceptance of RB-PDF transcripts, set their appearance to mimic the appearance of your current e-Transcripts.
  • Customize RB-PDF transcripts to match each client’s requirements. You can set up an unlimited number of profiles in your RB-PDF transcript creator. Then when you produce a transcript for a particular client or state, you select the relevant profile, and it produces the transcript with the required formatting.
  • Charge per page for hyperlinking exhibits. Hyperlinking exhibits to transcripts can be time-consuming, so make your system as efficient as possible. Scans exhibits during what is normally a slow time (or outsource scanning if volume warrants it). And train your reporters to include transcript page and line numbers of where exhibits were brought in. It’s extra work for the reporters, but when they get the good jobs with 300 pages a day and five attorneys ordering copies, they’ll do it.
  • Transition clients to RB PDF transcripts by starting with an announcement included in every package for a couple months: ‘Coming Soon: PDF transcripts’ describing what RB-PDF transcripts are. Then put RB-PDF transcripts in with every transcript that goes out. Finally eliminate e-Transcripts, just RB-PDFs, unless clients request otherwise.

Online case repositories

  • Create a demo of your case repository to show attorneys how easy it is to use.
  • Give all attorneys of record on a case access to the case files online, giving you an introduction to potential new clients.
  • In client presentations, you can explain that as part of your responsibility to keep transcripts, exhibits, videos, and job calendar organized, you take it one step further and grant them access, since it’s their information anyway.
  • To help clients locate files in their repositories, copy information from their document indexes into the file description field of documents you upload into the case repository. Case repositories are by nature large and complex, and you want your clients to be able to find any document quickly and easily on their own.
  • Offer your repository service as a way for your client firms to keep organized. Give them blanket passwords and have all of their transcripts centrally deposited. Firms can use you as their back-up archive.

Online case calendars

When a client is part of a large case for which you are providing an online case repository, promote RB Web’s online case calendar to all parties, with the idea that on a complex litigation case, it makes it easier for everyone to manage their schedules if they are all in one place. If they all use your company for this case, everyone can track not only their own depos, but all of the case depos easily. Plus, they will then have online access to RB-PDF transcripts of all the depos in the case.

RB8 database

  • Use RB8’s Query Maker and Tag Manager to create targeted marketing lists. For example, use Query Maker to find all of the attorneys in a particular geographical region. Use Tag Manager to organize contacts into marketing categories.
  • Uses RB8 to monitor and deepen client relationships. Use Anniversary Inquiry to reminds you of clients’ upcoming important dates, such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries; then generate envelopes and/or labels for sending cards and gifts.
  • Use Marketing Inquiry to see who hasn’t ordered from you lately so you can contact them to try to win them back.
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