Digitally sign transcripts for free

RB Digital Signature Proxy

[UPDATE: RB includes free digital signatures for RB-PDF Transcripts.] eliminates annual fee for reporters.

If you haven’t used our proxy service to apply your reporters’ digital signatures to RB transcripts because you didn’t want your reporters to have to pay over $20/year for their digital IDs, you will like the latest change to RB transcripts.

Instead of requiring digital IDs from a specific certificate authority, we have opened up to be used with any digital ID. Your reporters can now choose any digital ID they prefer to use, free or paid, to allow your agency to digitally sign transcripts for them.

We do not provide support to reporters using our site, but we recommend and provide installation instructions for StartSSL’s free digital ID on

In addition to saving your reporters over $20/year, these certificates are valid for a longer period of time. And they are easy to obtain without the hassle of paying for an ID online.

They are easier to install too, and we now allow reporters to use Chrome and Firefox browsers, in addition to Internet Explorer, to obtain and export their digital IDs through.

We think your reporters will be glad to use this service since they will no longer have to pay for it. And you can more easily offer the benefit of digitally signed transcripts to your clients since the process has been simplified.

If you are already using, you do not have to do anything extra to take advantage of this change. As your reporters’ current digital IDs expire, they can choose whichever vendor they want to obtain a new digital ID certificate from.

And if you aren’t using RB ’s digital signature proxy service yet, now you can easily add digitally signed transcripts to the services you provide.

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