Don’t panic about last-minute jobs, blast them instead

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? An attorney calls you at 10 am and says, ‘I need a reporter by 1:30, can you cover it?’

Of course you want to help your client, but it’s a hassle to contact reporters one-at-a-time at the last minute; and it can take too long to contact everyone to find a single reporter for a single job.

With RB8’s Resource Blast, you have an efficient way to deal with panic jobs. You enter the job in your RB8 calendar, right-click and select Resource Blast. It brings up all of your resources, which you can filter quickly to list only available resources or other choices like resource type or specialty, and maybe most importantly, the maximum number of miles away from the job the resource should live.

With the resulting list, you can automatically send an email or text-message blast to all of the qualified resources at once. And whoever respond first you know will be qualified, ready and willing to handle the assignment.

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