Automate your support system: Job change requests

RB8’s Support Ticket System gives your clients and resources a way to easily communicate with your office and retain a “paper trail” of their communications. In addition to users typing in requests manually in RB Web, RB8 also generates some automatic support tickets, such as when clients click Request Change Job Info for a job in their online calendar:

When a client want to change the time of a scheduled job, they can make their request in Request Change Job Info quickly by checking the box next to a relevant field in the job description, such as the time, and entering new information, such as a new start time for the depo. When they send in the request, RB8 puts it into the Support Ticket System, which alerts you to the request.

You can then answer their request by changing the time for the job in RB8, which automatically records your actions in the Notes Log, and replying to their support ticket. When you save your reply, it automatically sends an alert to your client, who can either reply to the notice with further changes or close the ticket.

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