2011 Team RB conference report

Latest RB8 updates presented at 9th annual Team RB conference

At the 9th annual Team RB conference, Oct. 4, 2011, Yong Lee, president & CEO of OMTI Inc., presented a list of user “gripes” & new RB solutions to an online audience of over 300 attendees.

Attendees listened to a presentation that covered the issues OMTI heard the most gripes about in the past half year and saw demonstrations of the new solutions the latest RB and RB Web updates contain to answer those complaints.

You spoke, we listened

Top new features include customizable bulk updates of all RB8 repositories, confirmation emails tied to jobs instead of assistants, job calendars for sales reps, more and improved services for clients, and better tracking of activities. A new repository was added for files associated with locations, and users can give reporters access to firm and contact information in their RB8 database online.

The conference was free again this year, as are the updates, which became available the same day. Attendees were able to get oriented to what’s new and start using the new features right away.

The conference was presented by Yong Lee, OMTI’s president & CEO, and included his typical depth-of-industry knowledge, technical expertise, vision for the future, and unique sense of humor.

Moving ahead, looking ahead

At the end of the conference, Yong announced that OMTI was moving back to the San Francisco Bay Area, Oct. 19, and presented highlights of what the RB development team is working on for next year and beyond.

If you missed the event or want to review its contents, view the sessions online.

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