2011 Team RB Conference presentation

If you have trouble viewing this video, watch it on the OMTI channel on YouTube.

Hear Yong explain and see him demo what’s new in RB8 & RB Web

The 2011 Team RB user conference covered the 8.7 versions of RB8 & RB Web which were released Oct. 4, the same day as the conference. The 90-minute session has been edited to less than an hour and covers these topics:

  1. Introduction
  2. Confirmation Email
  3. Bulk Update
  4. Repository Upload
  5. Repository Download
  6. Sales Rep Calendar
  7. Printer Toner Waste
  8. Printer Selection
  9. Statements
  10. Mark As Reviewed
  11. Activity Printout
  12. Web Repository
  13. Client Lookup
  14. More Enhancements
  15. Road Map
  16. Moving Announcement

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