2011: 2nd half update

Release date: Oct. 4, 2011

Improved Bulk Update added to all repositories

Now you can select which records to update together (no longer limited to all) and update more fields in all repositories including the new Location repository (for storing files related to facilities like hospitals and arbitration centers). Your bulk updates are automatically tracked in the Notes Log.

Confirmation emails can be tied to jobs

New field, Ordered By Email, appears in online order forms and RB8 job screens. Instead of having to change a contact’s confirmation email address when secretaries change or go on vacation, you can have confirmations sent to whoever made the job request. Other options include automatic CC’s to co-counsels.

Tracking of repository downloads

Enable options to track inhouse downloads and RB Web downloads so you have a complete paper trail of who downloaded what and when.

Jobs calendar for sales reps

New search field in RB8’s job calendar makes it easy to compile sales reps’ schedules of their clients’ jobs, then export in Excel format and email to them.

New printing options save time & toner

Change printers on the fly from your default to others more suited to the particular task at hand (such as sending a massive report to your high-speed copier) without changing your default. Turn off backgrounds to save on toner and make printed and faxed pages easier to read.

Merge fields added to statement emails

Add more information to statement emails automatically so when you get a reply (which typically no longer has a statement attached) you know the statement it is in reference to.

Clients can automatically mark files as reviewed

Enable clients to automatically mark files as reviewed with date/time stamp when downloading files from RB Web.

Better looking printouts from RB Web

When clients print out an invoice list or reporters print out a list of payables or their pay statement, now they can do it as an easy-to-read, attractive PDF file.

Streamlined file searching on RB Web

RB8.7 combines case and job files screens into one screen that clients can search for files across multiple cases for multiple plaintiffs at the same time. Also combines firm-level and contact-level repositories into one firm-wide repository for all the files you store for clients like contracts and price quotes.

Reporters can look up firm and contact info online

Enable Firms accessibility for your resources so they can access your RB information about their clients, such as firm location and contact phone numbers.

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