Lots of info — but where to find it?

With the last update, RB9 has 143 functions plus 4 plug-ins. RB Lite has 71 functions. With such a large system that has grown for almost 4 decades, we have a lot of information for you that we share online.

Since there is so much information, we split that info over 3 websites based on content:

  • Current information
  • Historical information
  • Product reference

This article covers what’s included on each website so you can quickly find what you are looking for and maybe discover something else interesting at the same time.

Current information

If you want current information about RB, OMTI, and our other services, visit omti.com. In the RB section of the site, you can read about selected features, check pricing, download product sheets and user guides, learn RB basics through tutorials and videos, and get free marketing materials. It also includes links to our other sites, social media, and reporterbase.com, our free digital signature proxy service.

Other sections of omti.com include information about our company and other services, such as MetaRecords, which is a management system for records retrieval firms. There is a contact section if you want to get in touch via email, phone, or fax. And live chat is available throughout the site with a click on the “Let’s Chat!” button.

Omti.com is also where you can sign into the customer portal to manage your RB account, update user licenses, contribute to future versions of RB through the Idea Collaborator, resolve problems, etc.

Except for the customer portal, all information on omti.com is accessible to everyone. You can view and download anything without needing permission. And if you want to use the customer portal but don’t know your user ID or password, all it takes is your email address this newsletter was sent to. If you don’t know your password, enter your email address on the sign-in screen then click “Forgot Password” to set up a new one.

Historical information

If you are looking for something you saw in an old newsletter, check Idea Salad. It’s OMTI’s archives. Articles from these newsletters are stored there along with other historical information, such as old news articles moved from omti.com, all of the ads we ran in the Journal of Court Reporting, and the newest addition: the animated ads we are now running in the RB section of omti.com.

We recently redesigned Idea Salad to make it easier to read and navigate on all types of devices. The home page still lists articles starting from the most recent. At the bottom of the page are links to page of articles of related topics, so depending on your interests you can find something quickly.

Product reference

Finally the ReporterBase 101 site, AKA the RB9 Primer, is the site that contains lessons about all RB modules, functions, concepts, and plug-ins. If you want to know what a particular function in RB9 does, you can read the related lesson on this site.

Lessons are not how-to’s — for that check the Help Center on omti.com or read the interactive user guides in RB applications (downloadable versions are available in the Help Center). Instead lessons describe what you can do with the related function/plug-in/etc. so you can maximize your RB9’ effectiveness in your business.

Want more info?

If you still cannot find the RB information you want, contact RB Sales & Support. We know sometimes it’s easier to talk to an RB expert, so our staff is available during our normal business hours to answer your questions.

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