Mobile-ize your office & meet your clients where they are

[UPDATE July 2019:This product has been replaced by RB Connect Mobile.]

Cost-consciousness is here to stay at your favorite law firms. Even the best of clients feel the squeeze from their corporate and insurance agency clients to contain costs in all aspects of their business.

One result is that many law firms are downsizing their physical space — some lawyers don’t even have an office anymore. And more and more, they are running their professional lives over the phone, using the latest generation of smartphones and the ever-increasing array of business and productivity apps that run on them.

Now you can offer clients your own time-saving app that puts your office on their smartphones. RB Web Mobile Apps are branded with your company name and logo making it easy for clients to find, download and use them. They give clients access to their important information, such as their depo schedule, transcripts, case files, and invoices, on their smartphones.

The change from desktop to laptop to smartphone access is happening quickly in all areas of business, and it’s easy to see why: Mobile apps give people instant access to their information. They don’t have to carry around a laptop, wait for a computer to boot up, type in a long URL or deal with a secure site timing out.

RB Web Mobile Apps are available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7. Each version requires an RB Web subscription to operate, and cost $50/month with an initial $250 set-up fee that includes app registration.

Your reporters, videographers and other resources can also use your RB Web Mobile Apps to check their schedule, acknowledge jobs, and view case files and pay statements.

If you too are making the realization that mobile is where you need to be, RB Web Mobile Apps give you tools on your own smartphone: You can check that all of the next day’s jobs have been assigned, audit job entries and cancellations, look up information about reporters and other resources in your database, even get driving directions to a client’s office — in case they still have a brick-and-mortar address.

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