2012: 1st half update

Release date: May 11, 2012

Chat with OMTI Support live

Now you can connect with the OMTI Support Team using live chat within RB8.

More complete automated message/alert subject lines for easier detection

In RB’s Message Center, identical alerts or system notifications were difficult to distinguish without going into the detail. The subject line now includes specific information (job number, invoice number, etc.) so that the messages can be segregated without bringing up details.

New alert group added

In Users and Groups, a new alert group, Job Acknowledged, has been added. Users in this group will be notified when resources acknowledge their job assignments via RB Web.

 New confirmation template added

The confirmation email that is sent automatically when the client requests cancellation via RB Web now can be customized by modifying the new template provided.

Custom triggers no longer work

If you altered RB8 with custom triggers, they will now be automatically removed from the system due to the increasing incidents of unexpected errors and other issues arising from these non-standard codes.

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