RB Training Live: RB Trancript Packages

Learn about RB Transcript Packages and Mobil-Elite Transcripts—how to create & use them, and why they are better than PDF transcripts—from this presentation given by Jason Yee, OMTI Client Support Manager, and Ted Yoo, OMTI Technical Support Manager, August 1, 2014.

In the 1st video, Jason  explains Mobil-Elite Transcripts (meTranscripts) & RB Transcript Packages, and demonstrates creating Transcript Packages, including linking exhibits, adding files automatically via Turn-In or manually, granting access to meTranscripts & export options, and notifying clients via email. He also explains meTranscripts and how they work on mobile devices vs. desktop/laptop computers.

In the 2nd video, Ted demonstrates meTranscripts on mobile devices, including setting preferences, search features, highlighting and comments, synching/saving changes, and emailing comments to email. Then he demonstrates viewing the same transcript on a laptop or desktop, the “browser version,” and its additional functions: linked exhibits, streaming video, and additional files, plus viewing comments & highlights.

In the 3rd video, Ted demonstrates hyperlinked exhibits in meTranscripts, exporting/printing meTranscripts, word search across Transcript Packages, and creating multiple Transcript Packages at once. Presentation ends with audience Q&A.

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