RB Web Android App 8.2.104 released

It’s got the look and feel of our iPhone app, plus meTranscripts!

With meTranscripts, users can:

  • View, search, highlight and comment on transcripts designed to work on smartphones.
  • Work on transcripts online or offline.
  • Sync with versions on laptops, workstations or tablets, so no matter where they are, they are working with the latest version.

When working with meTranscripts in RB Web on their laptop or workstation, users can also:

  • View linked exhibits, video and related files.
  • Export condensed and full-sized transcripts to print or email.

The latest version of RB Web Mobile Apps is now available.

Clients, resources & managers/office staff can now access all of their important information on their smart phones: Calendar, financial info, case files and transcripts – available anytime, anywhere, no waiting for a computer to boot up, no need to type in a URL.

RB Web Mobile Apps are available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7. RB Web Mobile Apps require RB8 and RB Web.

More details

Check out the demo today:

  1. Go to the App Store, Google Play, BlackBerry App World or the App Marketplace on your smart phone
  2. Type ‘omti’ or ‘rbweb’

Contact RB Sales for more information.

Ready to order?

Use the RB Web Mobile Apps order form. You will need your RB product code to begin.

To find it, click on Tools > Web > Site Configurations in RB8. Your product code is listed on the General tab.

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