2015: 2nd half update

RB8 v. 8.93.212

Release date: November 3, 2015

FedEx & UPS shipping labels & tracking within RB8

You can now set up and print FedEx and UPS labels within RB8, automatically generating tracking numbers, which you can then follow — all within RB8’s Turn-in function.

Designate your office as a job location quicker

Instead of adding your offices to the Locations database and then searching for one of them each time a job will be taken at your location, you can select “Our Office” in the Lookup From field on the Locations tab of a new job window to bring up a list of only your business units (office locations) to choose from.

Store important job location directions in RB8

New Directions fields in Firm and Resource screens provide a way to record important direction information about these locations, which then automatically appears in the Location Detail field of any job that will take place at one of these locations.

Expanded Notes Log capabilities

New Notes Log capabilities include:

  • New Witness-level Notes Log added for tracking information about witnesses.
  • RB8 will now create an entry in a job’s Notes Log when the location of the job changes.
  • Automatic entries about job confirmations, job cancelations and resource worksheets include the email address where the notification was sent.

Assigned resources can access witness-level repository

You no longer need to upload exhibits and other files to the job-level or case-level repository if you have resources, such as an editor, who need access to files related to a witness.

View relevant information easier when quickly assigning resources

New Job Type column on Quick Assignments’ grid makes it easy to see what type of resource you need to assign to every job.

See which attorneys were present at a depo automatically

When a resource turns in a job online or when the Job Party contact is billed, parties’ presence will be set to Present automatically. You can also set it or override it manually.

Use every alias pattern at once

Link exhibits to relevant text in transcripts faster because you no longer have to choose which alias pattern to use in Link Exhibits. RB8 chooses for you from all alias patterns in your system.

Better page numbering in condensed transcripts

Condensed transcript pages will now display the actual page number of the page with the beginning and ending page numbers of the transcript pages displayed in parantheses. Example: 5 (8–11).

Set transcript security on PDF transcripts

You can restrict priviledges on PDF transcripts, such as banning printing, copying or editing, and password-protect transcripts too when creating transcripts in Turn-in.

Refer to affiliate’s invoice number when paying resource

Ref. No. for Resource has been added, which prints on the Resource Payroll and Total Payable Reports. This is handy for resources that bill you, such as affiliates. You can input their invoice number here, so they will know which invoice of theirs you are paying by comparing the number on the Resource Payroll Report with their invoices.

A Ref No. for Resource filter has been added to Invoice Inquiry. Ref No. field has been changed to Ref. No. for Contact to be used strictly for contacts.

And more…

  • When you change Lookup From location type, the corresponding Lookup screen automatically appears.
  • You can remove U.S. holidays from business days for job turn-in deadlines.
  • You can automatically deny time-off requests that are within a designated number of days before the day requested.
  • When a job’s status changes, the date and time of the change are now visible in the Calendar Manager’s grid in the new Status Changed column.
  • A State column has beed added on Resource Blast’s grid.
  • Resource Payroll Report will be sent to new Resource Billing Email address. If resource doesn’t have a separate billing email address, the report will be sent to the resource’s existing email address.
  • Can now search Resources by Resource No.
  • New Sales Rep column on Firms and Contacts’ grids lets you easily see which contacts have sales reps and who they are.
  • Form Manager no longer allows attaching images over 1MB in file size.
  • New Receive Notifications tab in Tools > Web > Site Configurations combines previous Request Assignment, Turn-in Alert, and Support Alert tabs.
  • Clients can enter their email address in the credit card payment area on RB8 invoices and statements.
  • Number of Licenses and License Expiration Date have been added to Help > About.

RB Web v. 8.93

Release date: November 3, 2015

Attorneys can request job confirmations online

With the click of the new Request Confirm button in a job detail screen in RB Web, attorneys can send a request to your office for job confirmation. These job confirmation requests appear in the Message Center of any of your staff designated to receive these alerts, so they can quickly confirm the job and send an automatic confirmation email to the attorney. You can customize the email message in Tools > Web > Site Configurations on the Calendar – Auto Reply tab.

Customize online turn-in

Add custom fields to the Job and Witness steps in online turn-in. Custom fields can be text, numbers, Yes/No, or date & time. Content entered into custom fields during online turn-in appear on the Billing Sheet.

Resources & attorneys can upload multiple files at once

Resources can upload multiple files at once when turning in jobs online or using the online repository. Attorneys can upload multiple files at once when sending in job requests or viewing existing job requests online.

Force periodic password updates

Increase the security of your RB Web site by requiring users to update their passwords. You set how long passwords last before they must be changed, and whether the user can keep using the same password after it expires or must change it.

And more…

  • Changed multiple file download procedure to upload single zip file after compressing the files.
  • Attorneys can upload additional files after scheduling a job.
  • Attorneys can navigate from comment to comment in Transcript Packages.
  • Reporters can specify if Read & Sign is required on a transcript and the deadline for Read & Sign.
  • Resources can input a separate email address for billing purposes on their profile.
  • Assigned resources can be given access to files in the Witness-level repository.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Edge browser.

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