OMTI’s next generation led 2015 Team RB user conference

The 13th annual Team RB user conference, Nov. 3rd, marked the first time our founder, Yong Lee, turned over the reins to our support team and let them run the show, from developing the content to fielding client questions.

After a brief introduction by Ronnie Sampson, OMTI’s Creative Director; Jason Yee, OMTI’s Client Support Manager, explained and demo-ed the final 2015 RB8 and RB Web updates, which were released the same day. Then Ted Yoo, OMTI’s Technical Support Manager, did a presentation to explain RB8 Cloud and presented the results of a survey of current RB8 Cloud users about the service. During the sessions, Client Support Technician Matthew Huh manned the chat room to handle attendees’ immediate questions.

Each presentation ended with a Q&A session, during which attendees got answers to questions about what they had just seen and where they also took the opportunity to make suggestions on how some new features could be improved.

Watch it again

We have posted videos of the conference for those who were unable to attend or for attendees who want a refresher. And we have updated the RB8 and RB Web user guides to cover all of the new features in the product updates.

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