Upgraded RB Web/MR Web for zero downtime & better performance

The free July 2016 RB Web and MR Web upgrades didn’t add new functions, but instead were a major change in infrastructure.

We have set up RB Web/MR Web in what we call High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) architecture: Our web services reside on multiple servers, and the multiple versions of each service are redundant.

These means 2 things:

  • Your RB Web/MR Web service will never go down — even when Microsoft does maintenance on the Azure platform (whether planned or unplanned). Instead, a different server will become the active server without skipping a beat.
  • HADR intelligently disperses web server traffic, so if you have heavy traffic on your site, performance won’t take such a hit as with your current single dedicated server.

Web services of RB8 Cloud and MR8 Cloud subscribers were automatically upgraded to HADR. RB8 Subscribe/MR8 Subscribe users had to make minor changes to their set-up to take advantage of HADR’s improved uptime and traffic management.

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