2013: 1st half update

Release date: May 30, 2013

Access user guide in RB8

The updated RB8 user guide is included in the Help menu.

Quickly filter out canceled notes

A new button, Show/Hide Cancelled Log, added to all Notes Log tabs, lets you view the log without any canceled notes visible. Notes are not deleted, so you maintain a complete audit trail, but canceled notes do not have to appear in the list.

Keep more detailed collection notes

In the Collection Notes Log, each entry can contain up to 7000 characters.

More complete collection letters

Billing address data fields have been added to the Collection Letters and Collection Letters-Enhanced data sets in Form Manager.

Add unlimited signatures to RB-PDF Transcripts

You are no longer limited to 2 instances of a digital signature on a transcript. However, only the last instance added will have the certificate attached.

Place line numbers outside text boxes in transcripts

A new option, Line number outside the box, has been added to RB-PDF transcript preferences. Attorneys can also select this option when exporting full-page transcripts from RB Transcript Packages in RB Web. Plus they can choose page number location and font size scaling when exporting condensed transcripts from RB Transcript Packages in RB Web.

Search for transcripts to package by date uploaded

In Transcript Package’s New Transcript Package window, Upload Date From/To has been added to the search criteria.

Quicker file availability notification options

When sending notifications that transcripts are ready for downloading from RB Web, all job parties who have access to the witness-level repository will automatically appear in the Contacts section.

View job details in Quick Assignments

New Action menu item, View, brings up a job’s details so you can review them before assigning a resource.

Add job numbers to reporter worksheet text messages

A new data source, Job No., has been added to Worksheet SMS Message Settings in Tools > System Preferences > Worksheet Email.

More accurate turnaround analysis

Weekends are excluded in calculating the average days for reporters’ transcript completion. They are also excluded from the reporters’ results in RB Web’s Turn-in window’s Days Old column.

Find contacts by firm in Tag Manager

When Contacts is selected in the Type drop-down, a firm name filter appears in the search criteria.

Create HTML-styled emails for sending bulk emails to specific groups

When using the Tag Manager to send emails to a labled group (i.e., Good Clients) you can make the email more visually interesting with font and paragraph styling.

“Wait for it”

When uploading large files, the progress bar stayed at 99%, giving the impression of a hang. Now a clarifying message, “Finishing file upload… (this may take a few minutes for large file size),” appears.

Jump-start job tracking

In the Tracking plug-in’s Tracking Manager > New Tracking screen, press the Enter key after a job number to activate the search.

Job numbers visible on mouse-over in reporters’ calendars

In RB Web for Resources’ monthly calendars, job numbers have been added to the job info tooltip.

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