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Information about ReporterBase & MetaRecords, business management software for legal support businesses

2013: 1st half update

Access user guide in RB8, quickly filter out canceled notes, keep more detailed collection notes, more complete collection letters, add unlimited signatures to RB-PDF Transcripts, place line numbers outside text boxes in transcripts, search for transcripts to package by date uploaded, quicker file availability notification options, view job details in Quick Assignments, add job numbers to reporter worksheet text messages, more accurate turnaround analysis, find contacts by firm in Tag Manager, create HTML-styled emails for sending bulk emails to specific groups, “Wait for it”, jump-start job tracking, and job numbers visible on mouse-over in reporters’ calendars Continue reading

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2012: 2nd half update

Give clients their transcripts on their iPhones, create transcripts that work better on browsers and mobile devices, RB-PDF Transcript improvements, customize Calendar view and default job status search, see who can access different repositories online, specify firms’ preferred services/standing orders, search by parent firm, update multiple jobs at once in Calendar Manager, automatic notes entries in Assign Resources and Statements, search and sort Jobs in Progress by type, easier report comparisons, add resources’ reference numbers to their profiles and paychecks, voided invoices broken out in Sales Commission Report, retain collection history when firms merge, easier tag implementation, better performance automatically, custom headers and footers easy to do in Forms Manager, fax via Internet fax service of your choice, and more Continue reading

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Outsource to improve profitability

Outsourcing can be a good way to increase your business’s profitability when you hand off discrete business processes to specialists in those processes. It frees you and your staff to concentrate on the profit centers in your business — the … Continue reading

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Reduce delinquent accounts

One of the most effective ways of managing accounts receivable is to reduce the number of delinquent accounts. The key element required in accomplishing this goal is consistency. And consistency is built upon process. You should implement the following system … Continue reading

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