2014: 2nd half update

Release date: November 5, 2014

Streamlined RB-PDF Transcript production

A comprehensive final PDF Transcript Creator screen lists the PDF transcripts and related files, such as word lists, created for a single witness/proceeding, with available actions for each presented as a row of buttons in the order they should be completed, so staff can create transcripts with all the right features and not overlook anything.

  1. The first button, View, replaces the Preview screen and opens the transcript in Adobe Reader/Acrobat.
  2. The second button, Link Exhibits, replaces the need to use a separate function to link exhibits to a transcript and also allows you to link exhibits to both Full-page and Condensed transcripts at the same time.
  3. A new button, Agency Sign, enables agencies to sign transcripts in addition to applying reporter signatures
  4. Existing button, Sign this Document, has been renamed Reporter Sign, and is placed after Agency Sign so users following the row step-by-step do not have to worry about invalidating the reporter’s certificate on a transcript.
  5. A new option, Save All to Repository, lets you save all final products to the repository at once with one click.

More customization options & better-looking transcripts

When you or your clients print transcripts, the font size in the header and footer will be reduced, if needed, to fit all text into the page width.

You can now exclude the word count when creating word lists.

Instead of showing all words in lower case in word lists, each word appears in the same way as it first appears in the document.

If an RB-PDF Transcript has attachments or bookmarks, the Bookmark panel will be automatically visible when the transcript is opened.

Errata sheets added to RB-PDF Transcripts

Errata sheets can now be appended to transcripts to meet the requirements of certain states. And you can customize the new Errata Sheet form or create additional versions to meet your agency’s needs.

More flexible exhibit linking

In addition to the new ability to link exhibits from within the RB-PDF Transcript Creator, you can now specify how many pages at the beginning and/or end of a transcript should not have linked exhibits, for example the cover sheet or an index. And you no longer have to upload all exhibits to the Witness-level repository, you can use Case-level and Job-level files too when linking exhibits.

Client can request transcripts for billed jobs online

If appearance clients later decide they want a transcript of the depo, they no longer have to call your office to order one if you have RB Web.

They can order transcripts online for jobs that were previously billed. Include all the questions you need to ask about a back order on your custom Request Order form and eliminate the need for phone calls to order transcripts. Plus RB Web (through RB8’s Message Center) automatically notifies whomever you designate in your office to handle back orders, whenever a client orders transcripts online.

Once your office puts the transcript into production, your client can track its progress in RB Web.

Embedded PDFs in emails eliminate the need to open attachments

You can now embed Job Confirmation Job Cancellation, and Resource Worksheet forms into the body of automated emails, so your clients and resources no longer need to open attachments. Also, data fields were added to the Subject field in these forms to match the data fields in the Message field, so you can include all of the important information in the Subject line, and recipients don’t even have to open the email to get the gist of it.

Easier to search notes logs

You can now classify notes by type and how they are received — classifications that you develop yourself, so they fit your unique businesss communications. Then you can designate notes in different logs by these types and search logs by these notes types to more easily find relevant information.

Since existing notes cannot be edited, they cannot have a notes type, so this feature only applies to new notes.

Also in Notes Logs, the Notes Type Filters have been changed from a drop-down menu to a pop-up window to make selections simpler.

View files directly from main screens

A new function, View File, has been added to all repository tabs. Now you can view files without going into the detail screen.

Confirm jobs faster

In any calendar view, you can confirm jobs without having to enter the job’s detail screen.

Use affiliated agencies & other resources as depo locations

If a job will take place at an affiliate office or another court reporting agency, you can add the location to the job quickly using the new Resource Lookup option.

Invoices messages are now twice as long

Invoice message length has been expanded to 2048 characters.

Set job due days at the number client firms want

If your clients have certain turn-around requirements for transcripts on their jobs, you can now specify that at the firm level, and RB8 will automatically calculate their jobs’ due dates based on that.

Faster management tasks

Management can delete multiple time-offs at once for one or more resources from the main Resource Availability screen, instead of going into individual resources one-by-one.

Send resources their payroll reports via email

Use Send Payroll Report to eliminate the need to export payroll reports to send as email attachments. This new function makes the process automatic.

Give clients & resources more information

Resource Worksheet now include case remarks and which parties are scheduled to appear at a job and the services they have pre-ordered.

RB-PDF Transcript Cover Pages can now include the Resource name and their Certificate No.

Attorneys can pay invoices for other attorneys

If you allow attorneys to pay invoices online, now they can pay invoices for other attorneys within the same firm.

Attorneys can upload files to jobs, regardless of job status

Attorneys are no longer restricted to upload files only for jobs that have a Request New status. Attorneys can now upload files to any of their jobs regardless of the job’s status.

Attorneys can do more with Transcript Packages

  • Attorneys can designate that a comment they have written can be shared with (1) all attorneys who have access rights to the transcript, (2) only selected attorneys, or (3) no one.
  • Multiple attorneys can comment on a single line in a transcript forming a comments thread.
  • When exporting word lists, they can exclude the word count.
  • They can download all files with the click of a button in the Exhibits, Videos and Other Files sections.

Reporters can create their own master word lists

You no longer have to compile and provide word lists to resources. They can use the Master Word List function in RB Web to create their own for all ASCIIs belonging to the same case.

Reporters can look up firms online

With the new Firms function in RB Web, resources can look up a firm’s street address, their contacts’ email addresses and phone numbers, and more.

And more…

  • If you try to make a Transcript Package with an unpublished ASCII, a “Cannot create Transcript Package using unpublished file” warning will appear.
  • If you try to link exhibits to a signed PDF Transcript, “Linking exhibits to digitally signed transcript will invalidate its certificate. Please use unsigned PDF Transcript.” warning will appear.
  • A confirm message window has been added to “Post Invoice” and “Post and Send Invoice” options in Billing.
  • Service items with a zero amount can now be exported to LEDES 1998B.
  • Monthly statements can now be sorted by Firm Type.
  • You can now view contacts’ email addresses in the main Contact screen’s results, eliminating the need to go into individual contact screens.
  • When adding new users to a group in Users and Groups, only active users will be listed.
  • In the Database Manager’s Job Scheduler, Actions > View Job History for Create Resources Availability, data more than a year old with no time-off will be deleted.
  • On Header/Footer tab of PDF Transcript Preferences, “City of Job Location,” “State of Job Location” and “Resource Certificate No” have been added.
  • The SSL logo in RB Web has been removed to prevent interference with usability and increase loading speed.
  • File download speed for RB Web’s HTTPS connection has been tuned upward to match that of HTTP. You must update iFile Server to take advantage of this feature.
  • When an RB-PDF Transcript that has the original ASCII file or an AMICUS file attached is opened, the Bookmark panel opens automatically. Reporters are no longer allowed to request the next business day off in RB Web’s Availability.

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