Create RB-PDF transcripts

[NOTE December 2018: These instructions are for RB8, which is no longer available. To find instructions for RB9 PDF Transcripts, download the RB9 user guide.]

RB-PDF transcripts are simple to prepare. If you use RB Web, you can also automatically upload them to your clients’ transcript repositories with a single click.

  1. In Production > Turn-in, locate the job with an ASCII file you want to convert to a PDF transcript.
  2. In the job’s Turn-in window, select the witness whose transcript you are creating.
  3. In the witness’s detail window, click the Witness-level Repository tab, then click New.
  4. In the New Upload window, click Select Files. Locate the page-image ASCII file in the Open window, then click OK.
  5. Enter file information, then click Save and Close. The ASCII file uploads to the repository.
  6. Select the ASCII file and click Create PDF Transcript. In the PDF Transcript Preferences window, you can override any of the defaults for this file. Then click OK.
  7. Review the transcript and make any corrections, if needed. Then click Save and Close. RB8 converts the transcript.
  8. When the conversion is finished, click Archive to Repository in the PDF Transcript window.
  9. In the New Upload window, click Save and Close. The converted PDF transcript uploads to the repository and is published, so that clients and reporters can access it on your RB Web and RB Web Mobile Apps.
  10. Notify parties the transcript is available by clicking Send Notifications.
Notes: Preferences & options

Before creating PDF transcripts, set up your global preferences for your PDF transcripts’ appearance and options in Tools > PDF Transcript Preferences. You can override these preferences on an individual file in step 6 before clicking OK.

You can also print condensed PDF transcripts and create master word lists spanning multiple transcripts to distribute to reporters assigned to on-going cases. Refer to the RB-PDF Transcript Guide for details.

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