Storing resource-related documents

Like the repositories for case, job, witness, invoice and firm in RB8, you have a place in the central repository to store all resource-related documents, such as signed contracts.

  1. Go to Setup > Resources.
  2. In the Search Criteria pane, provide information for one (or more) of the filters, then click Search (or press Alt + S).
  3. RB8 lists all of the resources that meet the specified search conditions. Right-click the resource you want to upload documents for, then choose View.
  4. In the Resource window, click the Resource-level Repository tab.
  5. Click New > Select Files or Select Folder to upload any documents you have for this resource to the central repository.

The Resource-level Repository is for storing files for individual resources, such as copies of correspondence between your office and a reporter who might want online access to that information. If you have case files that you want available to all resources working on a case, such as a shared dictionary, store that in the Case-level Repository.

Stored in repository at case level for reporters to access:

  • Word lists
  • Title & Appearance pages
  • Exhibits

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