Know who is calling

You can easily see who your best clients are by looking at the number of calls they generate. This is better for your marketing staff to know because total invoice amounts can be misleading — a lot of work is billed to third parties, such as insurance companies whom you don’t market to, and a lot of a law firm’s invoices might be copy orders on jobs they didn’t initiate.

  1. In Calendar > Calendar Analysis, Date Type defaults to Entered Date and the date range defaults to today. Change the search filters as needed, then click Search.
  2. RB8 counts new, rescheduled and cancelled jobs in the calendar by firm, broken down by attorney, so you can see how many calendar settings you are getting from each client.
  3. To save and/or share this report:
    • To print the report, click the printer icon above the Preview window and click OK.
    • To export the report in various formats, click the export icon next to the printer icon. Select the export format and destination in the Export window drop-downs, then click OK.


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