How to change job deadlines

If some clients expect a different turn-around on jobs, you can change your default “Job Due In” length of time for specific clients.

Learn how with Ted Yoo, OMTI’s Technical Support Manager, in this instructional video.

Changing job deadlines

Set default “Jobs Due In” weekdays, then alter as needed for individual firms.

  1. On the menu bar in RB8, click Setup > Business Units.
  2. Click Search.
  3. All of your business units (BU) appear. Double-click the BU you want to globally set “Jobs Due In” for.
  4.  In the Business Unit window, click Preferences.
  5. Enter or edit the number in the Job due in field to the number of weekdays jobs are due within.
  6. Click Save and Close.
  7. To alter “Jobs Due In” for an individual firm, click Setup > Firms.
  8. Enter part of the firm’s name in the Firm Name field, then click Search.
  9. Double-click the firm’s name in the results grid.
  10. In the Firm window, click the Additional tab.
  11. In the Jobs due in field, a value is zero (0) means jobs for this firm will be due from the reporter in the default amount of weekdays. Change this number to the client’s preference.

A number other than zero (0) in a firm’s Job due in field is the absolute number of days for reporters to turn in jobs for that firm. The number is not added to your default number of “Job due in” days.

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