Modules in RB8

[RB8 is no longer available for sale.]


  • Handle your daily scheduling, notifying and confirming tasks.
  • Update, confirm and cancel jobs.
  • Assign, notify and confirm reporters.
  • Track and analyze jobs.
  • Notify clients when requests are received.
  • Send clients and resources their job calendars, which they can import into their Outlook calendars.
  • Import client requests from RB Web.
  • Upload case- and job-level files to the repository.


  • Turn in jobs.
  • Create PDF transcripts (including condensed versions) & apply digital signatures.
  • Create mobile transcripts in Transcript Packages.
  • Fulfill client requests.
  • Prepare jobs for billing.
  • Archive all documents by case, job, witness, resource, firm, invoice or general filing.
  • Grant clients and resources access to files and invoices online through RB Web.
  • Generate labels, envelopes and form letters.
  • Track UPS & FedEx shipments.


  • Print and post invoices, including COD invoices.
  • Export invoices in LEDES 98B format for clients who require electronic billing.


  • Instantly locate information about jobs, invoices, clients, resources, witnesses, payments and transcripts.
  • Analyze aspects of your business, such as clients’ billing activity and reporter billing and pay amounts.
  • Run month-, quarter- and year-to-date totals.


  • Credit and track client payments.
  • Assess finance charges, print monthly reports, and monitor collection efforts.
  • Apply retainers.
  • Track and manage COD invoices.


  • Perform payroll tasks.
  • Generate forms and reports pertaining to payroll, including 1099s.
  • Cut payroll checks, direct deposit paychecks, or export payroll to QuickBooks.


  • Set up and maintain your company, job location, client and resource (reporters, videographers, interpreters, etc.) information.


  • Analyze your business’s productivity, profitability and other relevant data.


  • Customize menus.
  • Set up users and group them according to their access levels and job functions.
  • Create forms and letters.
  • Maintain and back up your RB database.
  • Perform custom searches of your RB data­base.
  • Import invoices, paychecks and payment transactions into QuickBooks.

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