Top features of RB8’s Q1 2009 release

First quarter 2009 might have been the perfect time for improving your marketing efforts and client communications with RB8’s quarterly update. Here’s a look at the top 2 new capabilities in this update of RB8:

Classify firms, contacts & resources with unlimited tags

As your business grows, it can be helpful to differentiate firms, contacts and even resources into subgroups to target your marketing and services better.

For example, if you want to send holiday gifts to your top 10% of clients, you can search for them with RB8’s Marketing Inquiry function. But what about next year? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily call up the previous year’s list to review and use? You can with RB8’s new tag system.

Classify contacts in as many ways as you want: Christmas ’08, decision makers, email group — you create the tags you need, and you can attach as many tags to a firm or contact as desired. You can even tag resources, such as your top 10 reporters, so you can target them for special treatment.

You can sort by tags to create a list, then print labels from the list, send emails to everyone on the list, or export the list to Excel. You can also mass update tagged entries. For example, you can update your entire Christmas ’08 list to Christmas ’09 with a click.

Sail through the confirmation process

This version of RB8 keeps your job confirmations organized. If you like to send confirmations as you set jobs, until now you didn’t have a way to make sure you didn’t overlook any. And if you do a combination of sending confirmations one at a time and sending some in batches, you couldn’t tell if you might be accidentally sending double notices to someone unless they complained.

You don’t have to worry about overlooked or double confirmations any more. The new version of RB8 flags confirmations with the date and time sent. At the end of the day — even if you’ve been sending confirmations as you go — you can call up the day’s settings in batch mode and clearly see which confirmations were sent and which you still need to send, so you can quickly only send the ones needed.

And much more…

This version of RB8 is available now and also includes the new digital signature capability.


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