Upgrading to RB9 is easy

Upgrading to RB9 is easier than you may think. And if you do it sooner rather than later, you don’t have to worry about hitting the RB8 December 1, 2020 cutoff date.

If you are going to upgrade to RB9, but are putting it off because it seems like a hassle, this article explains the process:

1. Contact us for pricing & access to the demo site

Get the facts before you make the leap. Contact RB Sales to get an estimate and access to the RB9 demo site so you can see it for yourself before committing. The demo is an actual RB9 site, so you can enter and edit information, and try all the functions.

You can get a rough idea of the cost by visiting the pricing page of our website. Some costs have been eliminated in the change to RB9:

  • There are no upgrade or data conversion fees for upgrading if you subscribe to RB8 or are on a support contract.
  • Most RB8 plug-ins are included free in RB9.

Pricing is the same as RB8 Cloud with variables being how many user licenses you need, what RB9 plug-ins you have, and how much repository storage you use. Contact us for what your specific costs would be.

2. Schedule initial data conversion for testing & learning

Before you go live with RB9, you should be comfortable with your data in the system and how to use RB9. For that reason, we do 2 conversions of your RB9 data: an initial one for testing & learning and a final live conversion. While the demo site is great to see how RB9 works, using your own data in RB9 gives you better idea of how it works for you.

Before we schedule your initial data conversion, we will provide an RB9 lease agreement that includes the services you want. After we receive your signed lease agreement, we can schedule the data conversion anytime you want to start.

3. Use both RB8 & RB9 side-by-side for a month

Use the initial conversion to check how your data converts and to get familiar with RB9 by using it at the same time as RB8. Your office can add new contacts, jobs, and other information to RB9 without making errors in your live database. We recommend a month test period, but you can take longer if needed, up to the Dec. 1 deadline.

The first month while you are learning RB9, you will only be charged for your RB8 set-up. After that month, we expect that you will convert to RB9, so RB9 monthly charges will apply starting in that second month. We recommend scheduling your initial conversion so that you and your staff can prepare to go live in a month. Otherwise, you will incur charges for both RB8 and RB9 until you go live.

4. Go live with RB9

When you are ready, we will upload your latest RB8 data to the server and convert it to a live RB9 system. That’s all it takes: You are now up and running, and you didn’t have to install or set up anything. All you have to do is launch your browser and go to work immediately in RB9.

Please note that when you go live with your RB9 system, your RB8 system will no longer work.

Less than a year to go

Since the conversion process takes a month, plan now when you want to make the switch before your RB8 cutoff: All RB8 subscriptions (RB8/RB8 Cloud/RB Web 8 & Mobile) and the RB-PDF Transcript digital signature feature in RB8 will end Dec. 1, 2020. RB8 support will be available after that , but only on a per incident-hour basis.

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