Keep your text messages brief & to the point

When crafting SMS messages in RB, keep in mind that different carriers have different character limits for text messages (some as short as 67 characters for Subject and Message combined). If your message is too long, it will be truncated and missing important information.

Keep messages as short as possible to ensure that the recipient receives the full text. SMS is just an instant notice for additional email notification, which would be more detailed.

Additional points to keep in mind:

  • Merge fields could expand your message to beyond the cutoff range, so try to plan for that. For example, what you see in the set up as «Case_Name» could expand to 80 characters in an actual SMS message.
  • Subject lines are usually limited to 40 characters, so do not use data fields in the Subject line in RB9 except JobNo or JobDate.
  • In RB9, do not put URLs in the Subject line. They should go in the body of the message.
  • If a URL is long, consider using one of the URL shortener services, such as TinyURL, to minimize the characters in a URL link.

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