Email log added to RB9, plus lots more

ReporterBase version 9.21, released May 31, 2021, includes a new function that logs your RB9 emails and lots of features to improve your daily work processes.

New email log function

Going forward emails sent from RB9, such as job confirmations and cancellations, repository and transcript package notifications, and overdue tasks reports will be automatically logged in the new Email Log function under Tools. (See the Updates page for a complete list of email types that will be logged.)

RB9 Highlights

  • Use Shift+Click to select a group of items at once in any grid with a checkbox column.
  • Any panes that allow you to style text (such as emails from within RB9) can be stretched or shrunk vertically while you are working in them.
  • Monthly Job Calendar View now displays all listings in their Job Status colors.
  • Daily jobs popup window in Monthly View dynamically sizes itself to the underlying window, and is maximized in size so you can see more with less scrolling.
  • If you need to resend a Job Cancellation notice, you can choose the option More > Send Job Cancellation in the Edit Job window.
  • When sending a Resource Blast, you can leave the Miles within Job Location field blank when the job location is Online Meeting.
  • Resource Type filter added to Send Assignment Notifications/Cancellations search criteria.
  • When you send a resource an Overdue Task Report, RB9 automatically logs the date, time, and number of tasks in the resource’s Notes Log.
  • When setting billing rates, pay rates, or rush types for invoices in Turn In, you can use Save & New to continuously add rates/rush types without leaving the rates/rush types panel.
  • You can have multiple FedEx/UPS accounts that share the same certifications but have different label templates and shipping instructions.
  • When creating FedEx/UPS labels with Other as the Send To type, you can look up recipients in the Contacts database.
  • You have the option in System Preferences to include both the client’s phone number & fax number on printed invoices and statements.
  • You can now change the payment type (except for retainers) on unposted payments.
  • Insurance Billing Reports now include a Grand Total page at the end of the report.
  • Added more merge fields to Job Confirmation/Job Cancellation form templates and email templates, including a link to Job Detail screen in RB Connect. (See the Updates page for a list of new fields.)
  • In QuickBooks Integrator, the date range for searches of Invoices, Checks, Payments, and Credit/Journal Entries has been expanded from 1 day at a time to up to 1 week at a time.
  • You can now search for resources by zip code.
  • You can now look up your current Repository usage in gigabytes and number of files under License Info in System Preferences.
  • In QuickBooks Integrator, added the suffix “CM” to invoice numbers to make it easy to see which credit memo is for which invoice when importing credit memos.

RB Connect Highlights

  • Contact side:

    • In Job detail window, “Ordering Client” title has been renamed “Ordering Firm” to avoid confusion.
    • Job Status color coding has been added to both Calendar view styles.
    • When requesting new services on a new job request, contacts can leave Delivery Method and Turnaround Type blank if they have no preferences in those categories.
  • Resource side:

    • Job Status color coding has been added to both Calendar view styles.
    • When uploading files in Turn In or Repository, resources can designate the same file type for multiple files at once.
    • Steps 3 & 4 (Invoices & Services) in Turn In have been combined into one step to simplify the turn-in process.

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