Things to Know/Do After RB 9.44 Update Release

The next RB9 update — to be released Nov. 6, 2023 — includes 2 new features that will require some setup on your part for your RB9 to work correctly. 

RB9 updates automatically so once it updates on November 6, you will want to take the following actions. We could not make these change universally for our users because they affect customizable options.

Please follow these instruction to finish the update yourself November 6 or later. If you have any questions or need help setting these up, please contact OMTI Support.

1. New ability to schedule hybrid in-person/Zoom meetings

In Form Templates > Assignment Notifications/Cancellations and Job Confirmations/Cancellations
Add 2 Data Fields for Job Location > URL and URLNotes

Add the new “URL” and “URLNotes” Merge Data Fields to these 4 template types because this update splits Job Location to accommodate both remote and in-person job attendees.

URL and URLNotes fields will be used for remote meetings. If you do not update your Form Templates with these fields, the Assignment Notifications and Job Confirmations will omit the meeting info if the job is fully remote, which would be a big problem.

Zoom URL in Location field in existing jobs will be copied to the URL field in the new “Location for Remote Participants” section

At present, online meeting links are located in the URL field in the Job Location section in jobs. Once the update is released, that data is moving to a new section: Job Location > Location for Remote Participants. That’s why adding those merge fields to these forms is so important to complete after release before scheduling new jobs.

2. New ability to schedule task times separately from job times

Edit Assignment Notifications/Cancellations and Forms to use Task Start/End Time instead of Job Start/End Time.

The new update now accommodates Task Start/End Times, which are distinct from Job Start/End Times. If you plan to use this feature, update all of your Assignment Notification templates to include those merge fields.

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