What’s new in RB v9.0xx, September 2019

Features of the latest RB9 updates:

More user-friendly Accessible Contacts grid

When sending clients notices that transcripts and other files have been uploaded to RB Connect, you have more information in the Accessible Contacts list so you can more easily select the correct contacts to send alerts too.

An Access Level column has been added to the grid so you can see each contact’s relationship to the ordering party. In addition, Sold To contacts are selected by default, while Grant Access contacts are indented.

Grand totals in Receive Payments grid

In Receive Payments, grand total amount and outstanding balance amount were added to the grid footer.

New email option for sending collection letters

In Collection Letters, email option was added to “One collection letter per invoice” option. However, we recommend using this option for sending single invoices only. Sending multiple invoices with this option will embed multiple collection letters in one email body.

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