Did you know RB9 includes all RB8 functions?

Did You Know?To help you get the most out of RB9, we are adding a “Did You Know?” segment to cover some of the new aspects of the program. For this first one, we give you a function directory of sorts and a new general RB9 feature you will find useful.

RB9 contains all of RB8’s functions*

Most will be easy to find, but some have been moved, renamed, separated into multiple functions, or combined with other functions:


  • Transcript Packages moved from Production module to RB Connect module.
  • Users & Groups, System Preferences, and PDF Transcript Preferences moved from Tools to Setup.


  • Jobs in Progress is now Tasks in Progress.
  • Export Calendar is now Send Future Calendar.
  • Payment Inquiry is now Receivable Transaction Inquiry.
  • Integrator for QuickBooks is now QuickBooks Integrator.

Moved & renamed

  • Code Manager is now Lists, Pattern List for Linking Exhibits is Link Exhibit Patterns, and both moved from Tools to Setup.

Separated into stand-alone functions

  • Billing function is now 2 functions: Post Invoices and Send Invoices.
  • RB-PDF Transcript Creator has been made a separate function.
  • Shipping has been moved out of Turn In.
  • Bulk Update is now a stand-alone function.

Combined with other functions

  • Collections Manager has been folded into the interactive Aged A/R Report.
  • Production Analysis Report has been merged into Resource Production Report.
  • Resource Payroll Report and Send Payroll Report have been combined into Send Resource Pay Statements.
  • Reprint Posted Invoice has been added into Send Invoices.

Moved & combined with other functions

  • Invoices Report moved from Reports and combined into Invoice Inquiry function.


  • Export to QuickBooks in Payables was removed because QuickBooks Integrator in Tools handles the process for you, eliminating the need to export, then manually import checks into QuickBooks.

You can find the rest of RB8’s functions named and grouped in the same modules in RB9 as they were in RB8.

*There is one RB8 function that was eliminated in RB9, but we don’t think you will miss it: Database Manager is gone because with RB9 you do not need to do any database maintenance.

RB9 has new functions

In addition to all of the RB8 functions, RB9 also includes some new ones:

  • Send Overdue Tasks Report gives each resource their own prioritized To-Do list of outstanding tasks.
  • Bulk Import lets you import entities instead of re-keying your firm, contact, resource and location lists.

And some RB8 plug-ins are included for free

The RB Reward Points system, similar to frequent flyer programs, is included in RB9.

The Tracking plug-in is also included, for tracking physical products you produce/are entrusted with, such as videos and exhibits.

RB Web 8 plug-ins included for no additional charge in RB Connect (RB9’s version of RB Web):

  • Client Of/Sales Rep, which gives reporters right of first refusal on their clients and lets your sales reps view their clients’ scheduled jobs.
  • Media Streaming, which lets clients watch video transcripts online instead of waiting for lengthy downloads.
  • My Reward Points, which lets your clients monitor their points balance, pending amounts, and history, plus make requests to redeem or transfer points online.

And lots of new features

This is the area we will focus on in future “Did You Know?” segments, but we will include one here:

All form letters, reports, and notifications in RB9 are email-able. In RB8, some forms were print-out only, such as Read & Sign letters that accompanied a transcript. That was because when RB8 was developed, agencies mailed or otherwise delivered the physical package to their clients. Yes, when RB8 was developed, transcripts weren’t digital yet.

Now agencies email attorneys most correspondence and transcripts, so RB9 made all form letters, etc. email-able. RB9 also allows you to include some forms in the body of the email, or as attachments to the email, or both. Plus you can attach other files from your desktop to an email.

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