Uploading files

You can upload files of any type and size to the repository. However, you should be mindful of the following when uploading large files:

  • Physical space available on your server
  • Internet connection speed of your clients (for download)
  • Time required to back up your repository

We generally do not recommend uploading files over 100MB in size. Instead, break up large files into several smaller files before uploading.

  1. In any detail window that has a Repository tab, click the tab.
  2. Click New.
  3. Click Select Files (to upload individual files) or Select Folder (to upload an entire folder at once).
  4. In the Open window, locate the folder that contains the file(s) you want to upload. Select the file/folder, then click Open/OK.
  5. In the New Upload window, select a file type in the File Type drop-down.
  6. Check the Publish box to make this file available to clients or resources through RB Web.
  7. Select who can access this file in the Access drop-down.
  8. Enter any text describing this file in Description. If published, the description appears on your RB Web, and clients can search for files using Description key words.
  9. Click Save and Close. RB8 uploads the file to the repository.

In addition to uploading an entire folder, you can upload select multiple files at once to the repository. To select consecutive files, click the first item, press and hold down Shift, then click the last item. To select nonconsecutive files, press and hold down Ctrl, then click each item.

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