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Update forms for hybrid job locations

The November 6, 2023 RB9 update included a couple of new features that require some setup on your part if you are going to use them. This article details our recommendations for updating forms that are affected by the new ability to schedule both in-person and Zoom meetings for the same job.

Posted on by OMTI’s Communications Director.

Don’t lose Zoom interactivity

Zoom has announced that they are deprecating the API we use to connect RB to Zoom. What this means is that your Zoom meeting controls in RB will stop working June 1, 2023 unless you update your settings.

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New Tools function & other improvements in 2022 Q2 update

The latest RB9 update, RB 9.30, released April 25, includes some system-wide updates — such as improved results grid displays — plus a new Tools function, and new features in 20 RB9 functions and 6 RB Connect/RB Connect Mobile functions.

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Q4-2021 update includes grouping by column in Jobs (List View)

RB9’s fourth quarter update, released October 12, 2021 is a major update with over 50 additions/changes, including a new function.

Perhaps the most awaited change is this update allows you to group jobs by multiple columns in List View.

Posted on by OMTI’s Communications Director.