Q4-2021 update includes grouping by column in Jobs (List View)

RB9’s fourth quarter update, released October 12, 2021 is a major update with over 50 additions/changes, including a new function.

Perhaps the most awaited change is this update allows you to group jobs by multiple columns in List View. Just like Tasks in Progress, you will be able to organize the results in List View by one or more parameters to more easily see the job information you want to know. For example, you could group jobs by Job Status, then job date to find your calendar priorities quicker.

New Calendar view

The new function in the Q4 update is a weekly calendar view. Similar to the Monthly View, it’s a visual calendar format displaying a week at a time. It defaults to the current week, showing jobs scheduled for each day in chronological order by start time, job number, and a third option of your choice, such as ordering firm or witness. Rolling over any entry lists details about the job and clicking any entry opens the job’s detail window.

RB9 will work with QuickBooks online edition

The new update adds the ability to import RB9 data into QuickBooks online edition, so you will be able to use the QuickBooks Integrator tool if you subscribe to QuickBooks online.

Online meetings work with Zoom

In this release, you can set up RB9 to work with Zoom in jobs scheduled for online meetings. You will be able to schedule a Zoom meeting and store all pertinent information to join the meeting in fields for URL, Directions, Confirmation Notes, and Resource Notification Notes.

Easier Job Status updates

This update includes 3 improvements to Job Status updates:

  1. Shortcuts for Confirmed and Canceled added to Job Status drop-down on the Edit Job screen.
  2. When Job Status is changed to Confirmed and there is a linked job, a popup will appear alerting you to the linked job to be confirmed.
  3. You will be able to set up automatic Job Status updates that specify what the new status is when:
    • Job confirmations are sent.
    • Resources are assigned to tasks.
    • Assignment notifications are sent.
    • New shipments are added.

Easier for clients to pay emailed invoices

If you send invoices from RB9 via email and you have RB Connect, you will be able to automatically include a Pay Invoice link in the invoice emails so when your clients click the link they will go directly to the invoice in their RB Connect office to pay the invoice.

New job warning when client is excessively overdue

Optional warning pops up in the New Job window when you designate an ordering client whose past due invoices’ amount exceeds an amount you set. The popup will display the overdue amount, so you can address it immediately. You set the parameters: whether you will receive a popup, what amount will trigger the popup, and how many days overdue payment has to be.

Interface improvements

The Q4 update introduces a Dark Mode so you can select either the current color scheme or a reverse/dark color scheme for your personal RB9 viewing.

Throughout the system, Yes/No drop-downs have been changed to simple switch controls, so you can easily select Yes or No with a click.

This new version of ReporterBase software, RB 9.23 will be available in October 2021. Complete details will be posted on the updates page of omti.com.

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