Updated step-by-step tutorials available online

Help Center logoThe RB Help Center has a wealth of training materials for you and your staff to get up to speed on RB9 and RB Lite. And since RB9 has gone through multiple updates since its release in 2018, we have now updated the Help Center step-by-step tutorials.

Updated tutorials cover new & revised aspects of:

  • Company information setup
  • System preferences
  • User preferences
  • Firms entries
  • Contacts entries
  • Resources entries
  • Service Items Subgroups
  • Service Items Master
  • Rush Type Master
  • Billing Rate Groups
  • Billing Rates
  • Pay Rate Groups
  • Pay Rates
  • Billing Sets
  • Job entries
  • Job confirmations
  • Resource assignments
  • Calendar confirmations
  • Resource notifications
  • Connect preferences

Tutorials iconVisit the tutorial section of the Help Center to access these and all other RB9 and RB Lite step-by-step tutorials. And if you have any questions you can always contact RB Support.

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