Free content for promoting online turn-in

RB Connect logoIn addition to free materials you can use to market your services to clients — like the document that you can use in your advertising and marketing to clients about RB Connect — we have added a document with content about online turn-in that you can use for persuading your reporters to use your RB Connect.

While some reporters immediately understand how online turn-in is to their benefit, others might be reluctant or just not paying attention. With this content you can approach your reporters in different ways and on multiple occasions to enlighten them about the capabilities and benefits of using RB Connect for turn-in. With message repetition more of your reporters can learn the advantages of online turn-in and be more likely to try it.

Show your resources more benefits of RB Connect

The document also covers everything else your reporters and other resources can do in RB Connect so you can use it to orient your resources to RB Connect and encourage them to use it to make their work processes and interactions with you easier and more convenient.

Since RB Connect is highly customizable, edit the contents of the file to match your services, then use those contents in your communications with resources. We have included a second Word doc that offers instructions and suggestions for how to use the contents in your outreach.

Tailor the contents to match your business

If you give resources access to all of the functions in RB Connect and offer RB Connect Mobile too, then you might be able to use the content as is. You should still check it though because it also includes all of RB Connect’s security options which you might not use. For example if you do not allow users to sign in via social media you will want to delete that reference.

RB Connect Mobile iconThe same thing goes for other features. For example if you do not allow resources to add firms and contacts when turning in jobs you would want to remove any references to that feature in your version of this content. If you do not offer RB Connect Mobile, delete the Mobile section.

At the same time you can add other company information, such as your company branding and other benefits you offer to resources, to make the contents speak to everything you provide for your resources. And if you refer to your RB Connect by a different name be sure to change all RB Connect references to your custom name.

Use any or all of the information as you want

There are no restrictions on how you can use the contents, and we include a list of some possible places to use it in the second Word doc. Those suggestions include:

  • Orientation materials
  • Discussion threads on Slack or other communication apps
  • RB Connect login screen
  • RB Connect Dashboard Announcements
  • Emails to resources
  • Video scripts

We also included a few graphics from the RB Connect Turn-in wizard you can add to the text if desired. You can find all of these files on the Downloads page. They are bundled together in a single zip file: RB Connect Turn In

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